Itinerary Planning

I've been driving all around Britain for 40 years and I've seen and stayed in many, many hotels and inns. I have had first hand reviews from clients about the places they have stayed - hundreds of hotels, castles, lodges, inns and even boats.

I know how the traffic works (or not) and which roads are best to take for your needs and wishes. I've covered over a million miles touring Britain, working full time as a 'Blue Badge" Driver - Guide. I have a level of practical experience that is hard to match.

I can help you plan an independent itinerary whether you prefer to drive yourself or travel by train. I don't book car rental, but can suggest the best places to start - not Central London! Or mix and match car hire with train travel.

Britain has a very good high speed train network. For example York is about 5 hours drive from London. Fastest train is less than 2 hours.

I can purchase train tickets in advance, often saving you more than 50% of the cost of booking on the day of travel at the train station. I can recommend hotels and inns in several price categories and where to eat nearby.

I can also help you to avoid unrealistic itineraries and advise you on the most time-efficient sequencing for seeing what is on your wish-list. I charge a time based fee for this service.

Usually I will have a consultation with you over the telephone at an agreed mutually convenient time (no charge to you; at my expense) to get an idea of your needs, interests, likes and dislikes and the profile of your group. I have found this to be much quicker and effective than an endless ping-pong of emails. I get a much better sense of what will work for you and whether we may be wasting each other's time. You get a better sense of what I am like, what I can do for you and get some questions answered.

After an initial free consultation, this service requires an initial deposit and agreement on my time-based fee of GB E 50 (roughly USD $ 70) per hour.

To access this service please enquire now.

Notes From Our Clients